Think its my thoughts. Still feeling a ting-a-ling feeling when i see the updates. That is why if i can avoid, i avoid. I am scared to have that feeling again. Maybe i need somemore time to get over it. 


After 43 Days…

Officially declared that i am cleared, all okay. I’m back to normal now..

Actually i think i am already cleared earlier but doctor advises to check 2 weeks later after seeing him for a more better results of final confirmation.

Today, I’m thankful to all of the gods that i’ve prayed heard my prayers for this successful clearing in the expected time frame & not longer.

Time to re-adjust back my body & i really need to start my exercise routine back!! At least 1 week once to burn the calories/fats! Haha.

Tonight is the worst night ever.. I guess this space has been forgotten. Its better. I want to have a space where no one reads for me to rant.

This feeling is worse than my worried feeling. I cried even more than when i was on recovery mode. I couldnt stop the tears from coming down. My heart aches so much when i feel happy for my friend. Its a very mixed feeling. Sorry to myself & hub tt i emo again. I dont rly emo nwadays already. Just tonight.. I’m having a hard time fighting the sadness in me.

I’m sorry that we cannot meet. Its no one’s fault. We have no fate. Its just this 遺憾 feeling. Can i stop crying already? Tomorrow will be a brand new day ok? Reset button again. We’ll start from zero to build up happy level again.

Hub is already asleep. I shall try to sleep too.


Its been awhile since i last logged in. Haha.

Work is no good in the current office structure. New boss sucks. Unfair treatment. Everyone is unhappy working here so we all are having thought about leaving.. We can’t compromise then its okay, a better one is waiting for me out there. 🙂 Gonna get everything done in placed before i officially announce the news.

2014 is another good year for me!! 😀

I’ve signed up a dayre account & now i blog over there more often. Do follow me at . 😀


1 more day to 2014!

Wow~ Its going to be the last day of 2013 tmr!

December has been awesome since the start. Had a wonderful trip w mummy to Bangkok, my birthday treat from mummy, Christams Exchange with the Spaz, Meetup with Lihui & the rest of the bridesmaid of hers, Christmas Exchange + Escape Artist with Oppa, Ying, Mint, Ian & the rest, Christmas + Belated bday dinner with ♥. The whole of December is like a holiday to me! Haha. Been having holiday mood since the start of December. Lol. Blink of an eye, my col is coming back to work on Thurs after 3mths of her maternity leave. Quite satisfied with myself cause i survived the super busy times most of the days & i did well. Even got praised by some of my customers when my sales person went over to visit them & they mentioned about me. No boosting okay, real fact hor. LOL. Work has been good in 2013 and 2014 will be a better year for my career!! 😀

Recap on my 2 resolutions for 2013?:-

2013 New Year Resolutions

  1. To aim for my targeted weight! (Yes, still that 2kg lighter to hit!)
  2. Save as much money as i can monthly! (For my future hse reno costs.)

Haha. Din managed to hit that 2kg lighter but instead i gained 2kgs more!! OMGGGG! Need to zai jie zai li get back to my lightest already. I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK after the new year! Yes i can do it!! Partly on point2 was hit cause i was constantly saving money but its still not enough yet, will continue to save, more to come! 😀

So what are my 2014 resolutions? Nothing much actually.. Hmmm.

  1. A getaway trip with ♥♥ to an island
  2. Continue to save more money!
  3. 開開心心的過每一天!

That should be all? Hoho. Thank you Universe for the wonderful 2013, 2014 will be as wonderful as 2013 too~ My health will be good & my career will be smooth & good too! Have a blast on your last day of 2013 everyone! Lets PARTY!! 😀

1 week more to December!


December is coming! Its going to be a short month. In a blink of an eye, 1 month has passed since October.. Work has been nothing but busy. Glad that I’m able to cope & manage all the way.. New desk space now and new colleagues from another division joined us. Just another 1 month more to go before my colleague comes back from her ML! 😀 Fightingggg!!! I’m here blogging at bf’s place while he went out to gym with his khaki. Haha. Here’s a random photo of me in his room.:-


LOL. Yes thats LZX poster on his cupboard, given to him by yours truly. Hahaha. 2 more weeks to holiday with mummy! Then it’ll be counting down to Christmas! I’m researching online now on “christmas gift for boyfriend 2013” LOL. Din know what to give or where to bring him to for dinner. Baby Arelius starts to walk now & he’s always walking into his AhGu room to want us to play and accompany him. But also a naughty boy too. Haha. Once he turn 2, we can start to bring him out to gaigai already! Now he’s still quite young and we’re scared that we can’t handle him when we bring him out. To be safe we’ll wait till he grow abit bigger first. xD

Snake year has been well and i hope the Horse year will be as well as this year too. ^^ Ok, had late breakfast at ard 11 and later sure hungry before dinner time. So i requested bf to help me go buy a peanut butter waffle back. 😛 Oh yes! My bro is getting married! Like a finally.. So happy for him. Will be attending his wedding lunch next weekend. Haha. Thats all for the short update today..

Till then,


Q4 of the year!

Weee! Its Q4 of the year and everyone’s waiting for December to come again! (For the season to be jolly~~ : CHRISTMAS! & New Year!) December is going to be an awesome month because i’m going BKK again. Lol. With Mummy this time round! (Half the trip sponsored by yours truly) The itenary will be more on a eat & relax trip.. & we’re travelling on my birthday week! Just in time to celebrate my birthday there. Haha. Sadly, my dearest Mr Tai going reservist for 2 weeks in December and the day that he end his reservist is on 13th December. IKR, right after my birthday. Lol. But i told him its okay lah, celebrate belated also can one.. I’m not so zai yi abt this.. 😀 Took leave on my actual birthday too & most prolly i’m going out to date with Miss Apple! Hehe. So on my birthday week i’m working a day which is on Friday only.. Haha. My manager suggest to me why not take the whole week so that Friday don’t need to come back work but i said its okay lar, 4days is enough. I wanna use the last day of my leave most probably on new year eve. Hehe.

My colleague has delivered to a healthy & tall baby girl 2 weeks ago. Feel so happy for her. Attending her baby shower next month & coinsidentally it clashes my work at Expo for NewBaby, so i’ll leave early that day to attend her baby shower. November is going to be quite a tough month as we have not much orders in place.. Confirm stress from the sales director again.. Anyway for this month we already did what we can do, so yep.. Seriously can’t wait for December to come! Cause it’ll be a short month for me, going on holiday and preparing for the festive season! 😀

RunningMan fanmeet was awesome over the weekends! No regrets buying the ticket. More videos check it out on my youtube channel here:

Thats all for now~